Alex Moulton Alex Moulton Life-Time

It is with great sorrow that Shaun Moulton and The Moulton Bicycle Company announce the news that Dr. Alexander Eric Moulton CBE, distinguished engineer and inventor, passed away peacefully in the company of his family and staff on Sunday evening, 9th December 2012, at the age of 92.

Dr. Moulton was an inspiration for generations of engineers, designers and inventors. Educated at Marlborough and Cambridge, Alex Moulton worked at Bristol Aeroplanes as assistant to Sir Roy Fedden during WW2. In 1945 he joined the family firm, Bradford on Avon rubber manufacturers Spencer Moulton, to lead a new research team. His collaboration with Sir Alec Issigonis resulted in Moulton suspension, including 'Hydrolastic' and 'Hydragas' systems, being employed in over twelve million British cars from the original Mini to the MGF.

Dr. Moulton was also famous for his revolutionary small-wheeled, full-suspension Moulton bicycle - very popular in the 1960s and still built by hand in Bradford on Avon and Stratford-upon-Avon by a loyal team of engineers, technicians and craftsmen.

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Name:Harry Charrington

"A remarkable man, a great engineer, a beautiful manufacturer. "


"a wonderfully gifted engineer."

Name:John Hein

"Thanks, Dr Moulton. I loved my/your bike!"

Name:andy hunter

"since my first real bike was a moult on many years ago in 1972 and my current t s r 27 many miles of fun thank you always enjoy my bike thank you all .."

Name:Chris Metcalfe
Location:Essex England

"A sad loss but what a great life"

Name:John and Matt Bookwood

"I bought my first Moulton at the age of 14 from earnings saved from my paper round. I have ridden your wonderful bikes on and off ever since, as has my son. We have wonderful memories of cycling with Dr. Moulton at the annual club get togethers in Bradford on Avon. Thankyou and God rest."

Name:Amelie et Jean

"Oscar, and then Alex.. Much pain this week.. Everyday cycling, everyday enjoying this AM!! To the people asking daily about the cycle, I cannot tell that the engineer is 92 anymore.. and that the cycle is 30 years old!! and that "LostBoy" my other cycle is nearly 50 years ..young!! And that they work just fine!! I hope for a fine racetrack up there.. "

Location:United States

"There is no experience more blissful than a classic Moulton ridden upon the cobblestone back roads of England. The genius of British Design. It was wonderful to talk with Dr. Moulton during his visit to the Coventry School of Art and Design in 2008. He grabbed the handlebars of my Moulton Deluxe, gave the suspension a good shake and informed me it felt just as it should. Our hats off to you. "

Name:Bob MacQueen

"A gentleman, engineer and a visionary, your bikes will live on as your legacy. I love my Moultons, thank you Dr Moulton."

Name:Ian Spencer
Location:United States

"I'm sorry to learn about the passing of such a great man. I'm honored to have met him and take pride owning bikes that were so passionately close to his vision for making things better."

Name:Phillip Schemnitz

"I have ridden Moultons all my life and currently own two. I have brought one of them all the way from Australia to Italy to use in my daily life here for the next year. I ride it through the villages and countryside here with great pride. It is with enormous sadness that I learn of the passing of another one of my heroes. The world has lost two geniuses within days of each other: Alex Moulton and Oscar Niemeyer. A candle has been lit in my home for each of you."

Name:naoya miyano

"Thank you for your great idea and engineering."

Name:David Austin

"A true gentleman who helped me to camp on his estate when visiting the Bradford on avon september weekend, something i will cherish."

Name:David Payne

"Very very sad to hear of his death. I cried when I heard though I never knew him. I had one a Moulton Mini years ago- it taught me the mechanics of bikes when I rebuilt it. I hope to get a new one one day. Such a fantastic piece of inventive engineering and Alex seemed such a wonderful gentleman. We will all miss him and we all owe him much for his creations. Cycle on Alex. Condolences to his friends & family."

Name:Kim Martin

"From a boy of 12 years old in 1965 who saved up to buy a Moulton Standard that gave such pleasure and still does today. My condolences to his family and friends."

Name:Paul Copeland

"My condolences to the extended Moulton family and Dr Moulton's friends. I owned both a Moulton APB and a Hydrolastic suspended Austin 1800. I loved the work of Alex Moulton and will forever be thankful of the joy his designs brought to me. Vale Dr Alex Moulton "

Name:Chris Chuang

"Rest in peace and thank you for re-inventing the bicycle"

Name:The Spaceframe Co.Ltd

"Deep condolences to Dr. Moulton's family and the Moulton Bicycle Company. Thanks god for giving Dr. Moulton to us."

Name:Pichai Tongdeelert

"Rest in peace and thank you very much for the best bicycle for all."

Name:Phanumas 'Ton' Khumsat

"Thank you very much Dr. Alex Moulton. You have made this world a lovable and livable place. Your life and work have inspired me and many generations to come. Thank you sir!"

Name:Prakarn Busayasiri

""Moulton bicycle will travel endless distance on Earth""

Name:Chavichan sthapitanonda

"Thks fr moulton bicycle "

Name:Jack Worapan

"Thank you. Great man, Great inventor. Not only the great works you gave us, but the whole new world. The Moultoneers's spirits carry on. Rest in peace."

Name:Krirk Sang
Location:Coventry UK

"You are my true inspiration. I consider you as my design/engineering teacher. Even though we've never met, I had learned a lot from you through books and videos. You were the man who came with the phrase "think out of the box" long before it had actually been said. Your designs had shown the flare of British invention, something that simple but works, something that elegant and lasts forever, something that based on fundamental Physics but presented in unconventional way. I will continue my life having you as my role model and riding my (or your) bike, as I has always been. "

Name:Stefan Magnusson
Location:United States

"I inherited a Moulton NS from a dear friend a few years ago. He loved his Moulton and spoke about the genius of Alex Moulton. Through my friend Kevin, I learned to appreciate the beauty and "spirit" of the bike. Kevin visited the factory and met Alex at a few of the Moulton gatherings. Having not had the bike out for some years, I brought it to a friend's house recently and just last week my friend, Martin, took it to be fixed up and beautifully restored. Perhaps we somehow got a message from Alex to take care of one of his creations. His spirit will live on."


"Thanks, Dr Moulton. We respect you & your bike. "

Location:Hong Kong

"Salute to Dr Moulton. You make bicycling more fun."

Name:Colin Durrant

"The end to an era... But what a legacy to leave..."

Name:Akihiko Watanabe

"From Tokyo, Japan... Thanks a lot,Dr. Moulton. Your spirit lives on forever in this country. Dear friends all over the world, there is no end for our picnic with Moulton bike, isn't it ?"

Name:Ben Yen

"" Thank you for making the world much better, and we are just too lucky to witness the legend ""


"You designed a classic object - something that will have iconic status for as long as people ride bikes. An amazing and rare achievement. The world of design, engineering and bicycles will miss you."

Name:Shinichi I

"You gave us very big fun of cycling. Thank you."


"If it wasnt for Alex Moulton I would not be a cyclist. Thank you Alex for your wonderful bicycles."

Location:Hong Kong

"You are legend, Dr Moulton!!"

Name:Enrique Casanovas

"When I was at Moulton "Factory" in MAY/JUNE 2012 I saw a DREAM that a man can realize in his life. Dr. Moulton you did your Job in your life and left to other the spirit of "Intellingent Mobility" not only for the bike, but for all the people who has the pleasure of having meet you. Thank to you & your CREW I hope to see you in the next life. Love from FoldingLIFE Movies"

Name:Clive Tasker

"I've been a Moultoneer for 28 years and met Dr Moulton many times, a perfect gentleman and a scholar. I'm sure his invention has not only enhanced but also elongated the lives of his devotees. I for one at 57 would not be so healthy if it were not for his bicycles spurring me on, "Come on""Ride me"! they say, every time I look at them. Since I've been coming to Bradford on Avon I have been taking as many photos as my memory cards could take(or films in the old days)To capture the magic of those special moments at Dr Moultons home. I have a group on flickr that I deposit my photos of Dr Moulton at the various events, It is free for anyone to do the same, so anyone who has any photos of Alex and if you don't mind sharing them please load them to the group so we can all remember the great man in action. Clive Tasker"

Name:Tarapong Rakked

"He was legend!!"

Name:Guy Howard-Evans
Location:London/Bath UK

"Dr Moulton was a truly inspirational man whom I had the pleasure in meeting many times - He was kind enough to allow large groups of cub scouts to camp within his grounds on numerous occasions of which the 17th Walcot Street Scout Group (Bath)is eternally grateful - As a casual gardener based at Bradford-On-Avon Hall in my youth I enjoyed the glorious grounds and settings of what seemed endless summers - And as a Mini enthusiast I am grateful to him for such beautiful motoring experiences - His inventions and ideas have clearly enriched people's lives worldwide - An amazing life full of achievement, enthusiasm and endeavour."

Name:Brixton Cycles

"Alex Moulton we salute you!!! A great man."

Name:James Robertson



"Alex Moulton's legacy lives on as his pioneering suspension and eye for detail makes every Moulton a piece of engineering art"

Name:James Robertson
Location:Kent, UK

"I have enjoyed riding my AM14 for nearly 20 years. I only met Dr Moulton once in the late 1980's and my cycling life has been better since. Best wishes to his family and friends at this difficult time."

Name:John Jay CEng MIMechE MIET

"I was saddened to hear of Dr Moulton's death. His career & innovations in design were an inspiration. He was one of the best engineers of his generation & perhaps the best amongst his British peers."

Name:Lee Oon Teng

"Thank you for bringing us such beautiful and comfortable bicycle to enjoy! God bless you. Rest in peace. "

Name:Aslak Butler
Location:United Kingdom

"A true enthusiast of british engineering, the implementation of the use of rubber for suspension changed the world, the Moulton fold up bicycle outperformed and has far outlived the Raleigh RSW, Dr Moulton will forever inspire generations, Moulton bikes are t6reasured for there excellence and always will be."

Name:Satoshi Katsumoto

"My life has been changed by your bike. Thank you Dr.Moulton."

Name:Alan Squires

"A true genius not only to invent the best bike but also to make them as well. An inspiration to many and he will not be forgotten."


"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Alex Moulton, most recently at the Afternoon Tea he hosted with Shaun in Bradford last month. A charming, passionate and motivated engineer, someone this country can be extremely proud of. "

Name:Deborah Weiss

"We in Israel are saddened by your demise, but grateful for the contribution you have made to our cycling lives."

Name:Kit Spackman

"Dr. Alex Moulton changed my cycling life. I rode a white Demonstrator in the summer of 1962 and was immediately hooked as I was learning to be an engineer myself and could see the advantages of the small wheel formula. I ordered a Safari from the Moulton stand at the Cycle Show that November and took delivery the following Easter time. I STILL have that Safari and I still ride it! I met him numerous times, at BoA meetings and once aboard a 747 heading for Minneapolis with our bikes in the hold! An amazing bike and an amazing man!"

Name:David Barnby

"You inspired me as a 14 year old. I didn't know you, it was your name on an old orange F-Framed machine. It was just strange that this machine could beat us all on our 10 speeders and home made choppers. The bike had a shopping basket and none of us wanted to be seen on it with our loons, long hair and kaftans. But we all fought over it if there was going to be a race. You inspired me this year as I read about the man and Company behind this bicycle. For the first time i was aware that the performance of the old orange machine could be available in a space frame fitted for distance, speed and load carrying. I pick up a TSR30-TE this month It's nickname will be Ninety Two"

Name:Alexander Johnston

"Dr. Alex Moulton re-invented the bicycle and created two iconic bicycles, the F frame and Space frame, which are not only great fun to ride but beautiful works of art. His pioneering work was informed not only by intuition but also mathematics and physics. He bounced back from adversity and continued to be committed to bicycle manufacturing in the UK. What a legacy! "

Name:George Coulouris

"A man of charm, persistence, huge engineering insight and dare I say 'flare' (even though some would consider that the antithesis of engineering). All of my Moultons have without exception enhanced my life immensely (an F-frame, several AMs, an NS and that blue APB-based tandem that Dr Moulton examined at BoA in 2005). The Moulton bicycle reinforces HG Wells' famous aphorism 'When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race' because its design expresses the result of intelligent though and effective action about the way humans will travel in epochs well beyond that of the internal combustion engine. "

Name:Mark T

"He followed his dreams and made this world better for us all, one of life's great individuals. "

Name:John bartlett

"When I stand in my shed(no room to sit anymore) I am surrounded by the spirit of Dr. Moulton......there are a lot of Moulton bicycles in there...I am in awe of the man. Thank you."

Name:Jay S. Troe
Location:United States

"What a great loss! But he left a great legacy! Thank You Dr. Moulton!"

Name:Danny Clarke

"Often copied, never bettered. An engineering genius in so many ways who will be sorely missed."

Name:David Parry

"What a man - and what a bike - in it's many forms. Just about to hit 40 a couple of years ago and thinking about returning to cycling after a break of decades - luckily a 60's F frame found me. The fun I've had and the people I've met as a result - including Dr Moulton - have been an inspiration. His engineering genius is apparent, but his generous spirit in opening up the Hall to Moultoneers every year is what I will remember most. His legacy lives on in the wonderful machines he created. David"

Name:Jim Langley

"Thanks Dr. Moulton for all you did in advancing bicycles and automobiles. It was an honor knowing you and I'll have you in mind and take you along in spirit on all my rides on my wonderful Moulton bicycles and other bikes that were influenced by your ingenious cycling innovations. "

Name:Richard Wood

"The Moulton bicycle remains one of the most inspired and enduring human inventions. Alex created something that will remain at the core of my life and that of many others for the indefinite future, for which I am most grateful. Truly a loss,but with an extraordinary legacy."

Name:Jeffrey Crawley

"I saw my first Moulton bike in my brother's sport and cycle shop in 1967. Couldn't afford it at the time but I'm now the proud owner of a self restored Series 1 F-Frame which I hope will live as long as the good Doctor did. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Thank you Dr Moulton for a lifetime of work and achievement."

Name:Charles hughes

"I've owned many Moulton bicycles. In 1986 I was looking for parts and I mailed a letter to Alex Moulton Limited bicycles searching out parts. A few weeks later I received a letter from Dr. Moulton himself suggesting places that I might seek out the parts I needed. The letter has been hanging on my wall since I received it. RIP, and thanks, Dr. Moulton. "

Name:Andrew P
Location:Wiltshire England

"Since I had a deluxe f frame when I was 11 in 1966 and through to the TSR 30 that I now own I have always had great enjoyment from cycling small wheels. Only in later life though did I realise what an immense contribution Dr Moulton made to British engineering as well as cycling."


"Original in thought and application, not afraid to try something new. He will be missed. RIP."

Name:Keith Hales

"Have owned Moulton bicycles since 1965 and now have three examples. In recent years I got to know Alex Moulton personally and feel enriched by the experience. His spirit will live on in every Moulton bicycle that exists."

Name:Philip Crawford
Location:Andalucia Spain

"Thank you Dr. Moulton: engineer, visionary, and maker of the world's finest bicycle."

Name:Pia and Thorsten Klein

"As former Mini owners and since 2005 Moulton bicycle owners we are very pleased to have known him. Through his bicycles we came back to cycling. Rest in Peace Alex."

Name:Mo and Brian Walker

"We remember fondly our associations with Alex, particularly during the years prior to the launch of the Moulton Bicycle. His enthusiasm was infectious, his hospitality incomparable and his bicycle a joy."

Name:Ian K

"Dr Alex Moulton will be remembered through his inspirational works. He was a 'great Briton'. "


"A great design that all admire"

Name:zamir z

"I have had many bikes, some very expensive, but none with the spirit and personality that has my TSR, thank you very much for making my way happier!"

Name:Erik Meyer

"sorry,alex,but i am not able to find the right words,it was great to know you since the fist meeting in 1984.the show must go on.i am shure,not only we here,the world will miss you.goodbye."

Name:Andrew Porter

"I feel privileged to have met Dr Moulton on a few occasions and to have participated in one of the MBC weekend runs with him. I still own the AM Jubilee S which I bought direct from the factory in 1993 and will take it out for a ride in his memory over Christmas. I have lit a candle tonight in his memory. He has moved on, but just look at what he has left for us."

Name:Gary Dawes

"Very sad to hear the news of Dr Moulton's passing. First test rode an AM in the mid 80's at York Rally, and hooked. Took several years to get a secondhand f-frame. Now have a APB dualdrive, and don't ride any of my other bikes at all! A british legend, and genius inventor. Britain lost some of it's greatness this weekend."


"A gentleman. A genius. An inspiration."

Name:Ted Johnson
Location:United States of America

"He was a champion for safe universal infrastructure for those of us who will never own a high-end bike with any sized wheels."

Name:Al Cappello

"He was an inspiration to all those in the design field by blending science, technology, and a real sense of beauty that resulted in kinetic works of art that continue to enrich our lives on many different levels."

Name:MCS Eacock, Tower Velo
Location:California USA

"Sir Alex, thank you for your dedication and persistence in giving us your wonderful bicycle. I am the proud owner of a 1970ish Mark 3 and a 2011 TSR 30. I cherish these bicycles, and will continue to ride and advocate their merits in your honor."


"Alex accomplished enough to fill several lifetimes. In an age of consensus and mediocrity he impressed his individual genius on us through his works and personality. He will be missed."

Name:Naponpat tiwasriwat

"Rest in peace"

Name:Peter McCallum


Name:Leo Fan

"Rest in peace"

Location:south korea

"Rest in peace- thank you, Dr.Alex Moulton. I will always be with your bicycle."

Name:Satoru Fukuda

"I got joy from your bicycle. This thought does not change forever. "

Name:tom baxter

"My thoughts are with Shaun and everyone at the factory. Dr.Moulton was so creative. Let Hope carry you forward into the future. With Every Good Wish, Tom Baxter"

Name:Jorge Silvestre

"Great Engineer and a visionary... Thanks, Dr Moulton. "

Name:Carl Lee

"My deep condolences to the Moulton family. Dr. Moulton gave me back the pure joy of cycling, every minutes on this fine machines is pure pleasure. Good inventions are and remain timeless."

Name:Mitsunori Arimura

"Thank you very much for your beautiful bikes."

Name:Daved Sanders (Founder Secretary of Moulton Bicycle Club)

"Both Christine and myself are sorry to hear of the loss of Alex. Since 1975 when I asked for his help in starting the Club, he continually showed kindness and generosity throughout the years in supporting the annual gathering at The Hall. His bicycle design gave so many the enjoyment of riding and for this, cyclists owe him much. "


"Thank you Dr. Moulton. My life has become so much richer thanks to your bicycles."

Name:steve Doggett

"a true gentleman whose bikes i have loved since 1965 when i bought my first one!!!!many thanks."


"Cycling owes you much"

Name:Reinda and Henk Brouwer
Location:the Netherlands

""Many thanks Dr.Alex Moulton for countless hours of cycling pleasure on your and our beloved Jubilee en GT"."

Name:Bob Shingleton


Name:Ivon Jennery

"Your contributions to so many forms of engineering is something that will live on forever. God bless you Alex and thank you for the giving us the bikes that bear your name."

Name:Andreas Hadacek

"I'm glad having purchased and restored an old APB earlier this year, recognizing the uniqueness of this construction. I'm so sad not having joined this years annual meeting in Bradford and not been able to meet Dr. Moulton alive. If possible, I'll show my appreciation visiting his grave in the near future. My condolences to his family,friends and the Moulton staff."

Name:Adrian lewis

"i have been a lifelong fan of Dr Moulton a great engineer a great man his legacy in the bicycle and car we all love My condolences to his family and all at the factory "

Name:Jason Sanders

"I remember seeing a Moulton F frame some years ago here in Toronto and thinking to myself what a captivating and other worldly machine it was. Now, after having recently acquired one and subsequently falling in love with it, I find myself having to deal with the news of Dr. Moulton's passing. It saddens me. Not only because the world has lost a great man in many respects but because I never got to meet him. See, my partner and I had been tentatively planning a trip across the pond to take part in the annual ride and though this may still happen, one of the main reasons for us going was to meet him in person. It would have been our way of saying "thanks". With this now an impossibility, I would like to take this opportunity on this forum to say thanks. Thank you for your amazing contribution to the world of cycling, your ingenuity and your enduring spirit. Our deepest condolences and respects to the family and factory workers."

Name:Frank Clements

"Fantastic man who I worked with very closely to develop the revolutionary small wheel bike and is in my Life story A Bike Ride through My Life available on "

Name:Matthias Erz / FLEVELO

"It is a great loss for all of us to lose the man who inspired so many cycling enthusiasts and technicians. We will miss you and think of you for a long time. Your breakthrough ideas live on!"

Name:Lizzy Cresswell (Raisey)

"I'm glad you were a part of my life. It was an honour to be a part of yours too. "

Name:Clifford Slocombe

"I grew up in Bradford-on-Avon and when the AM Spaceframe design was launched it was on display in a shop-front on Frome Road where I passed by each day on my way home from school. I stopped and studied it every day, and dreamed of one day owning one. Twenty or so years later, while I was working for Dyson, Dr Moulton was a guest speaker presenting to Dyson engineers and captivated the audience for several hours - and showed off the then new NS Double Pylon. His enthusiasm for design and engineering was an inspriation. It took few more years before I finally got to own a Moulton, a relatively modest TSR model, but it makes me smile whenever I ride it, and more so than ever I shall think on its inspirational designer everytime I ride."

Name:Dave Edmondson

"Godspeed Dr.Moulton. Your legacy lives on. Thank you for sharing your alternative view of the bicycle, bolstered by sound engineering principles."

Name:Rob Ford

"Dr Alex was a unique innovative and creative engineer and still active at 92, we have fond memories of the excellent talks Dr Alex gave to all of the members of Club Lotus Avon, I am still riding my Moulton bikes,RIP Dr Alex and thank you for inspiring us all."

Name:Tendo Jinno

"Thanks, Dr Moulton. I met with Moulton bicycle and got very very happy time. I continue riding on Moulton bicycle and go to it from now on. "

Name:KeReT Moulton Project
Location:Taiwan R.O.C

"Thanks,Dr.Alex Moulton !! Accidentally I came across Alex Moulton Bicycle and feii in love with its exclusive uniqueness. The past 5 years. I studied and researched about it and learmed to appreciate more and more with its design . It has made our life better !! Thanks !! Kevin "

Name:Richard Diver

"I'll always remember something Alex said about being an engineer. For him, if you call yourself an engineer, it is your obligation, your duty even, to work constantly to improve things, to create, to test and move new ideas forward. It's like a social contract, to make the world a better place. I'm grateful for having known Alex, for the enjoyment I've had and people I've met thanks to Moulton bikes."

Name:Michael Smith

"Very sad to hear of Dr. Moulton's passing. I own the Stowaway version of the original Moulton.I bought a AM2 bicycle from Holdsworth Cycles in 1982,which I used a lot in England before bringing it back to Canada.I bought a AM5 from Bradford-on-Avon,which I keep in England for cycling there.I bought a AM14 from Bradford-on-Avon for touring in Holland,Germany,and Spain,and brought it back to Canada.I own a Pashley Moulton APB,which with front and rear carriers is the ultimate shopping bicyle.The Moulton bicycle is very good for travelling with packed up in it's bag.I have enjoyed Moulton cycling so much.Dr.Moulton made it happen. "

Name:James Macleod

"I was first introduced to the Moulton bicycle in the form of a Moulton Mini several years ago at a flea market. As I pulled the golden metallic gem out of the jumble I knew I had found something special then a small crowd gathered round. "That's a Moulton!!" a Chap exalted. The unconventionally clever design became so obvious and my interest in the bicycle and Dr. Moulton has grown ever since. I cannot imagine ever riding anything else. I would just like to say a thank to Dr. Alex Moulton for all the joy and inspiration he have given me over the years and may I send my deepest condolences to family, friends and craftspeople at the factory. May the spirit of Moulton continue for many a year to come. "

Location:Bristol, UK

"Since 1994, when I bought my first Moulton bike, I have enjoyed the freedom of cycle touring, in the UK and Europe. Every one of the thousands of miles I have cycled has been made all the more pleasurable as a direct consequence of Alex Moulton's vision and persistence. Couldn't have done it without him. A Big Thank-You!"

Name:Marco Rocca

"My Speed very favorite bike forever, thank'you Alex and RIP."

Name:Ron Coward

"A brilliant bicycle engineer, I loved following the development of your bikes."

Name:joel mutton

"One of the few people i would have liked at my dream Dinner table not to be now his work and legend will grow stronger and his mark indelible on everyones favourite small car RIP Alex and thanks."

Location:Wales, GB

"A gifted and innovative engineer, will always be remembered for his work on the 'real' Mini and the bicycles that carried his name"

Name:David Long
Location:Suffolk, England

"I was very sorry to hear the news, a great sadness to many who enjoyed his company and many more who have enjoyed the fruits of his extraordinary dedication to engineering innovation. Fortunate enough to have fallen into both camps - I had some fascinating conversations over lunch at The Hall, and never fail to enjoy the experience of riding my bike - I hope so much that the company and foundation continue to prosper."

Name:Rob Turner

"Always warm, welcoming and inspiring. Great legacy to drive forward."

Name:john van zuijlen

"Dank, voor de inspiratie."

Name:Dean Oakey
Location:Hampshire, UK

"I was very sorry to hear the passing of a true gentlemen and an exceptional engineering genius. I had the good fortune to meet Dr Moulton earlier this year, it was an honour and privilege to have met him. His Hydrolastic suspension and biycles will continue to be around for long time and without doubt have lasted the test of time, testimony to his engineering skill. Thank you Sir for your ingenuity. You will be greatly missed. "


"I belive you just rest for reach an heaven. Don't forget to smile to our when you go up. I'll always miss you,my hero."


"The Genius is always alive like the legend."

Name:Martin Hine

"Very sad news to read about the passing of Sir Alex Moulton. I was fortunate enough to meet him in 2007 when I first visited Bradford upon Avon to test ride and eventually purchase an AM machine. As a cyclist for most of my life, I have owned and ridden many machines from town bikes to handbuilt lightweight touring machines, all of which have been great to ride. But, the revelation and experience of riding a Moulton bicycle beats them all, it is sublime, making cycling an even greater pleasure, and one which today's carbon fibre, alloy and lycra brigade offerings can't even come close! "


"Great engineer with great talent. RIP."

Name: Norbert C. Korte
Location: Germany

"Ein wundervolles Fahrrad,aber es ist mehr: Wir verdanken seinen Ideen und seiner Tatkraft eine auch heute noch außergewöhnlich ästhetische und intelligente Form aus eigener Kraft unterwegs zu sein. - In seinen Werken leben sowohl seine Kenntisse, als auch seine Menschlichkeit weiter. "

Name:Duncan Tsang

"It has been a daily pleasure to have ridden one of Sir Alex Moulton's invention. You will be missed."

Name:Tom Lee
Location:UK / Canada

"Farewell Dr Alexander Moulton and thank you for the fantastic bicycles. One of my favourite cycling memories will be cruising along the canal towpath in Bath on one of your spaceframes. Your passion for bicycling and bicycles will always be an inspiration. I am sad that I never made it up to Bradford-upon-Avon to tell you this in person."

Name:Ian Coles
Location:Tackley, Oxon.

"My girl friend in 1971 had a Moulton bike and I was very impressed with it. We used to ride around Oxford ( she was at Somerville college ) and people would look at it and say wow - it's got suspension ! It made my Raleigh look old. I went on to a career in the motor industry and even now there are elements of his suspension design in vehicles today. I am sure he will be greatly missed but the name lives on. Well, I'm 60 in March and I suppose the original Moulton will about 45 ish ? ,so examples will be around longer than me ! Best Regards, Ian."

Name:Nigel Brooks
Location:London, UK

"A visionary engineer, may you rest in peace Dr. Moulton."

Location:United Kingdom

"I have always been an admirer of Alex Moulton and have owned one of his great bikes since 1986, a very creative man, what a sad loss."

Name:Keith Jackson

"Very sad news. A wonderful gifted man who's superlative bicycles will be a lasting tribute to him. RIP Alex."

Name:Oliver Coordt

"We lost a truly great engineer and fine Gentleman. We should be thankful for his inventions, which delivered a strong contribution to technical progress. RIP, Dr. Moulton"

Name:Mike knowlson

"Having never had the pleasure of meeting Dr Alex Moulton, he truly must have been a great engineer, Having polished Moulton Frames for a while now they truly are engineering works of art, a sad loss RIP Alex "

Name:Malcolm Collins

"My condolences to all at Moulton Bicycles and his family. I had the privilege of working for him at Bradford on Avon 1963 – 1966 before being transferred to Liverpool. It was an honour to work for this great company. He was a real gentleman. God bless Dr Alex Moulton CBE. and thank you."

Name:wi burkelliam

"RIP inventor of great cycle"

Name:Stephen Bennett
Location:Stourbridge, United Kingdom

"Thank you Dr Alexander Moulton for designing and building such fantastic bicycles. I have long been an admirer of the Moulton Bicycle and knew one day I would own one of your machines. My Father passed away in 2010. He was a keen cyclist and in his memory I purchased a black TSR 30 Tour. My condolences go out to your family and loved ones. My thoughts are with you all."

Name:tom cutting

"what a legend, he will not be forgotten."


" Thank you Dr.Alex Moulton, your work taught me an engineering way, and how far the pure enthusiasm and full of knowledges can drive someone or something through. The great work is long lasting....I will definitely be one in a million to keep AM spirit alive. Already miss the way you wave a hat with genuine smile. "


"Thank you for the ride Alex."

Name:Steve Tang

"Thank you for re-kindle my passion in bicycle. You will always be on my thoughts every time I ride my Moulton. Always..."


"Our tribute to Dr. Alexander Moulton, the visionary engineer and fine gentlemen that will always be missed and remembered."


"I can never forget you forever. thank you. "

Name:Mark Bickerton

"12th December 2012 Letter of Condolence to Shaun Moulton and the staff at Moulton Bicycles from the Bicycle Association of Great Britain Dear Shaun, On behalf of the Bicycle Association of GB I am writing to express our condolences to you and all the staff at Moulton Bicycles after hearing the sad news of Dr Moulton's death. I am sure that the recognition that has been shown throughout the media is testament worthy of his outstanding contribution to bicycle design and indeed engineering in general. His presence as an elder statesman in the British cycling community, no the world cycling community will be greatly missed, and I can surely say that the Bicycle Association has been very proud to have had him and the Moulton company as members for very many years. I know that you and the company are committed to the future, and I am sure that you can continue making these fantastic bicycles for very many years to come, and whilst doing so cherish and celebrate the memory, guidance and inspiration of the very great man that founded it. With very best wishes on behalf of the Members and Council, Mark I Bickerton President, Bicycle Association of GB"

Name:guido holenstein

"i will never forget the hours i spent with alex, his company, in bradford and in zurich. and i still enjoy riding the original AM cycles. "

Name:Dr. Burkhard Branding

"I'm very sorry to hear about it. I spend a lot of lucky hours on riding Moulton Bikes and in these days restoring an early Moulton ATB from the 90th. Thanks a lot and fare well - Dr. Burkhard Branding"


"I feel privileged to have met Dr Moulton at a Bradford-on-Avon weekend. He was a giant in British engineering. Riding his bikes is like riding on air."

Name:Albert Vergés
Location:Catalonia (Spain)

"As an enthusiast of hydralastic/hydragas, I feel that we have lose a brilliant engineer that brought to us joy through their inventions, in which he placed so much passion. Beside that, I was able to notice that he was also an excellent person. Rest in peace"

Name:David RACHEL
Location:Great Britain

"I have owned my 1968, MG 1300 for over 20 years, and without doubt it's most endearing feature is the hydrolastic suspension. Having also owned many other ADO16's, most of my motoring career has been in a car that owes its very nature to Dr. Moulton - Sir, you will never be forgotten!"

Name:Stuart Affleck
Location:Great Britain

"Farewell Dr Moulton, a truly Great Briton, whose engineering skills and passion . I have not had the privilege of owning one of those wonderful bikes yet, but I hope to do so one day. My condolences to his friends, family and colleagues, and I hope you all ensure his legacy benefits many more people in years to come."

Name:Jonathan Cooper
Location:Great Britain

"Thank you for the amazing creations that you brought to life ..... I had a TSR 30 and the ride was incredible ..... a true inventor and legend ..."

Name:Stephen L Glass
Location:United Kingdom

"It was a pleasure meeting Dr Moulton a few years ago and an honour being interviewed by him as a valued Moulton cyclist. I am invisible when I ride an ordinary bike. When I ride a Moulton people say hello. A few know the storey. And many just appreciate the unusual design. Thank you"

Name:John Tremblay

"Each time, and it's quite a rare thing, but when I see one of his bikes I can't help but smile. I am not sure I will ever actuaully own one, I hope to, but tonight I will play The Kinks "I am Not Like Everybody Else" really loud on the hi-fi. Here's to a true visionary!"

Name:Ralf Grosser

"Because of Dr. Moulton, I have had the joy and the previlage of riding one of his bikes, an AM 14 since 1987. Thank You!"

Name:Axel Moorkens

"Sir Moulton ,rest in peace and many thanks for all what you have done"

Name:Eddie Fairclough

"I worked for Alex Moulton for 25 years and still work for The Moulton Bicycle Company to this day . He was always a very driven and strong man , nothing but the best was good enough . Any bicycle project he , and we worked on , had to be exactly how he imagined it should be . He was always very fair and honest . He came in to the bicycle factory every day to see how we were getting on and always asked what we were making .He was great man to work for and I will miss him very much . "

Name:Guy Baumgartner

"Les souvenirs de nos rencontres avec Dr Alex Moulton, à Aigle, Zürich (CH) et bien sûr Bradford, et notre plaisir de rouler sur ses merveilleuses bicyclettes resteront vivants dans nos coeurs. Merci Alex, au revoir et Belle Route! The memories of our meetings with Dr Alex Moulton in Aigle, Zürich (CH) and of course Bradford, and our pleasure to run on its wonderful bicycles will remain alive in our hearts. Guy Baumgartner, membre fondateur du Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club"

Name:Roger Osborn

"A true pioneer in the bicycle industry, we need more like Dr Moulton!!! He will be greatly missed. Roger Osborn"

Name:Patty Ferguson

"I met Dr. Moulton in the mid 80' s, when I was a crew member for David Bogdan, who was riding one of Dr. Moulton's bicycles in the Race Across America (RAAM). He was such a kind soul. I was honored to have made his acquaintance. "

Name:David Hamblin

"I was lucky enough to work for Alex Moulton for 5 years early in my engineering career. Nowhere else could a young engineer have been so deeply involved in designing, building and testing car, truck and coach prototypes, which were miles ahead of anything else at that time. Mr Moulton was a hard taskmaster, but it was excellent training for me in subsequently managing engineering departments in UK and USA. He left a big mark on me as well as on British engineering generally. May he long be remembered."

Name:Jeremy Fisher

"A man with a vision, not afraid to think for himself and who did much to stir up the automotive and cycling worlds. Thank you for all you did for cars and cycling. Jeremy Fisher."

Name:Anders Svärd Hendren Løberg

"I had the pleasure to try a Moulton bike, and I am so thankful to Alex for his contribution to beautiful bike designs. Thanks for all you have done. Anders Svärd Hendren Løberg"

Name:Sue Procter

"Such a sad loss to his family and friends, also the Mini world He was an inspiration for generations of engineers; his moulton suspension for the Mini He left his stamp on our Minis as the creator of the hydrolastic system. "

Name:Annegret & Alfred Harwardt

"We were very sad to learn about the death of Alex. We will never forget our visits to The Hall, having had a good time with this great person and engineer. Our discussions about all aspects of engineering and steam power helped a lot to maintain his great steam boat "Beryl of Avon", which we proudly operate at as many occasions as possible. The engineering thoughts that he put into this gem are admired wherever we meet other steam boat enthusiasts. It was a priviledge for us having met you, rest in peace, Alex. Our condolences to Shaun and all other people that were near him. "

Name:Tim Bigwood

"I would like to thank Alex Moulton for giving me a start in my working life, it was a wonderful time and 50 years flew by working alongside him, the experience will never be forgotten, Thank You. Tim Bigwood."

Name:David Bogdan

"It was my honor to have known Dr. Moulton. I met Alex more than 25 years ago, I, a young man at the time, did not know that I would carry his wisdom throughout life. I was fortunate enough to have ridden his bicycle across the country in the RAAM. Alex, you have left this world a better place, with many who will never know they have benefited from your many varied and unique endeavors. I thank you on their behalf."


"This is really sad and a great loss indeed to all of us,  I will miss his works and was so proud moulton bike was a part of my life. "

Name:Jacob Didsbury

"I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Dr Alex Moulton, a great engineer, innovator, thoughts for his family and friends what a legacy "

Name:peter hsu

"I'll never forget that you have given me so much inspiration."

Name:peter hsu

"I'll never forget that you have given me so much inspiration."

Name:Don Little

"Back in the early eighties, I had an Austin that used the hydrolastic suspension. I found a link to Mr. Moulton in the nineties, and e-mailed him my thanks for inventing such a wonderful system. To my surprise, he e-mailed me back thanking me for my kind words. He had a good long life, and contributed greatly to the world. We need more like him."

Name:Nigel Sadler

"Alex - British engineering and whole world of cycling owe you so much. I've had the great honour of knowing you for over 25 years, both as an editor of The Moultoneer and in working with you on some small projects for Alex Moulton Bicycles. Always kind and generous. I love and have always ridden your great bikes for nearly 50 years. You will be missed. I will miss you."


"We extend our deepest condolences to all at Moulton Bicycles and his family. we all will miss him. "

Name:Mark West
Location:Dorset, UK

"Farewell Alex. A great mechanical engineer and designer. An innovative entrepreneur. Your contributions to British invention were important and life enhancing. Your influence on the lives of so many who knew you was positive and inspirational. Your, sometimes quirky, approach to your passions was always interesting and often amusing too. You will be missed by more people than you can ever have known, but your influence has spread to many who will carry on your quest for the perfect bicycle and your innovations in suspension systems have yet to be fully exploited, even within the motor industry. I am glad your family, friends and staff were with you and supported you at the end. I knew you only a little but I, like so many of your "Moultoneering" friends will miss you."

Name:Sarah Howcroft

"Alex was tremendously supportive to myself and Paul during Rohan's early years. Whilst his creative design and engineering skills live on I will always remember the man for his kindness towards us."





Name:Masami Sakurai

"Thank you for the bicycle of a wonderful design"

"Dieser Mann hat unglaubliche Fahrräder erschaffen. Für mich ist Alex Moulton der Inbegriff eines Visionärs. Rest in Peace."

Name:Paul Jefford
Location:Lincolnshire, England

" I became aware of Dr Moulton as the designer of the Hydrolastic/Hydragas suspension system used in the Austin Maxi car throughout its production life, 1969 to 1981. I bought my first Maxi in 1972, ran them as front-line vehicles for 20 years and am still running one in 2012. Their suspension is unequalled by any other car I have ridden in before or since. When I decided to write a tribute to the car, which emerged as "There's Something About a Maxi" I asked Dr Moulton for an interview. I went to see him at Bradford on Avon, where he provided some very inter-esting bits of information which I was able to use in the book. He was gracious enough to say the Maxi was an extremely good car, way ahead of its time. I subsequently met him at a talk he gave at The British Motoring Industry Heritage Centre at Gaydon in 2002 to three car societies including the Austin Maxi Owners Club, and again at Bradford on Avon in April 2004 for a Maxi 35th birthday party. When my book was published in 2011, Dr Moulton kindly bought a copy. And I purchased his "From Bristol to Bradford on Avon" I am sure his name will be remembered for years to come."

Name:Joe Chen

"Thank you for the bike with great design."

Name:Mario Canna

"Thanks Mr. Moulton for their contributions, all who ride bikes with small wheels or a small urban car today owe much to him. My condolences to the family and near friends."

Name:Eddie Eccleston

"Alex was a man who had wonderful gifts. The gift of a engineering skill, the gift of inventiveness and the gift of simply being a nice man. R. I. P."

Name:Tim Evans

"Alex looked at a project and engineered it from first principles. That is a rare capability. He tried to inculcate it in others. I'm so glad he did it to the bicycle. The original F-frame launched 50 years ago was in my opinion so near perfect. If only Raleigh and then the UCI had not been so stupid, the world of cycling could have been very different. I shall be eternally grateful to Alex for his bicycles and glad that I met him. He was a nice man."

Name:Piero Fontana

"Two years ago I did a trip to England with just one purpose: visiting the Moulton factory, riding a test bicycle and buying one. I succeded it, had the pleasure to meet Shaun. Now I am one the few italians to own it.I am now even prouder than before, when I ride it. I would like to thank and remember Dr. Alex Moulton for his fantastic and revolutionary idea which gives me a fantastic feeling everytime I ride it. "

Name:robert spence

"I,m so pleased to have met Dr Moulton, one of our great individuals, his bikes are amazing, I have ridden them since 1993. He had a long & productive life & the world should know of his achievements."

Name:David T. Hon

"Riders of all small-wheeled bikes, including folding bikes, owe something to Dr. Moulton. He started the whole trend decades ago, in combination with suspensions for bikes. I had the privilege of talking to him a couple of times years ago. What an inventor, entrepreneur and world-citizen! Our salute, and good journey, Alex!"

Name:Keith N

"A brilliant engineer and inventor.It was a real pleasure to meet Dr Alex Moulton who was always interested in new developments and thinking of new products even after he retired. Rest In Peace."

Name:Paul Buckett

"Alex, I enjoyed so much our drives together on steel and gas suspension systems and our discussions on matters engineering, transport, steam, internal combustion and anti-roll bar waddle. An era closes with your parting - you will be sadly missed."

Name:Fred Weinstein

"I met him in Toronto in the mid '90's and shared a ride and a beer with an inspiring and interesting man.I rode an AM7 in PBP91 and have owned and ridden the original '60's models as well.We'll all miss his brilliant groundbreaking contributions to basic non-polluting personal transportation."

Name:Peter McNamara

"Dr. Moulton's brilliant designs have given me so much cycling and Mini enjoyment over 50 years, that I remain greatly in his debt. To visit Bradford on Avon, see his many projects and collect a great new bicycle was very special indeed. "

Name:Adrian Jones
Location:Dorset, England

"I met Alex Moulton in 1977 at Bath University when he was the guest speaker at our final year engineering design exhibition. For such a world famous engineer we were flattered that he showed genuine interest in our ideas for a quiet glider tug aircraft. A true one off, a brilliant inovator and a gentleman."

Name:Peter Steckles
Location:Lancashire, England

"Very sad to hear of Alex's passing. I have a TSR and it is my pride and joy. I also have a Mini Cooper, with doughnuts as developed by the good Doctor. I hope Alex had a small inkling of the high esteem people have for him and for his marvellous achievements. These tributes, and many on other forums attest to that admiration. Dr Moulton has left a unique legacy. Thank You."

Name:azbe rowa

"long life to Alex Moulton´s legacy. Hope you all continue bringing happiness to many people with your bikes. "

Name:mike murnane

"A great British engineer.His hydralastic/hydragas suspensions were an engineering triumph.A legend of the British Motor Industry."

Name:Jiro Tominari

"Really great loss for my life and Moultoneers in Japan. I first met with Dr.M around 1988,since then,I've been more Moultoneer rather than salesman. I miss his great sense of humour between our conversation. I have learned so much from his way of thinking and life. Rest in peace....."

Name:Andrew Stone
Location:New Zealand

"Sad to see you go Alex. Cheers for the Hydrolastic and Hydrogas suspension in our cars, long may we enjoy it."

Name:Martina /Wippermann chains

"I had the chance to visit the Moulton Company in Bradford on Avon and I was really impressed of the place, the production and the employees and even I didn´t had the chance to know Dr. Alex Moulton personally I could feel his presence everywhere. RIP"

Name:Andrew Blackburn

"My first bicycle was a blue four-speed Moulton. That was back in the 60’s. I am now the very proud owner of a TSR 8. Dr Moulton, you were a true British Great in the true Great British tradition. Thank you so much."

Name:Toru Shinyo

"I am proud that I own the bicycle which you invented."

Name:Mike Causton
Location:UK p Sussex

"" I met Dr Moulton a few times and was always impressed by his dedication to bicycle design & development demonstrated by engineering flair and excellence. I don't believe we'll ever see his equal in this field""


"Dr Moulton was an inspired engineer, a breaker of barriers, a true gentleman and a good friend. I treasure the Moulton bicycle brooch which Alex gave me on my retirement. It was a privilege to have known him and visited The Hall at Bradford on Avon."

Name:Georg Leuzinger
Location: India

"to me the Moulton story is really about the re-invention of the bicycle in the second half of the twentieth century by a truly great human soul and engineer . I saw the AM in 1988 at the Zurich bicycle show and on my asking Dr. Alex Moulton introduced me to his machine and let me ride it outside on the parking lot. I bought it on the spot and ride it since practically every day. it is my faithful companion and simply the best allround, touring and racing machine all in one , my all time favourite design and engineering object. He and his cycles brought a keen and joyful community together from around the world. His spirit shall live on with the wonderful team of 'Moulton bicycles'at Bradford on Avon. thank you !"


"Thank you for the beautiful machines Dr. Moulton. May peace be with you. "

Name:Masatsugu YAMAGUCHI

"My wife and I are careful with our two bicycles (AM-Speed) throughout our life."


"The bikes he put on the road will continue to form his legacy for decades to come..."

Name:Peter Hills CEng FIMechE FIED

"Alex Moulton was an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Designers and one of the few designers in the world whose name has become a household word. He was a remarkable man who always had time for young, budding designers: his death is a great loss to his family, his profession and his many friends."


"I have owned three Moulton generation models and had the homour to ride with Alex Moulton when he visited our informal club. A humble man with a great mind."


"No words...:-("

Name:Mark Brett
Location:United Kingdom

"I feel privileged to ride one of your bicycles every working day of my life - thank you - it is the two wheeler of which I am most proud."



Name:Julian,nick and jane leese

" Thank you for the wonderful friendship over the many years.You will be hugely missed,it was indeed a privilege to have known you."

Name:Michel Kater

"My most heartfelt thanks to a great man for his magnificent contribution to cycling. The beautiful bicycle designed by Doctor Moulton will continue to be ridden and enjoyed for generations to come. I treasure my Moulton bicycles and the great pleasure they give me every time I go out cycling. My condolences to all the family and friends of Dr Moulton. "

Name:Matthew Kim
Location:South Korea

""The greatest achievement in the entire history of vehicles" "

Name:Frank Innes
Location: USA

"As a proud owner of an AM-2, received as an engagement gift, which I have ridden for 27 years (of marriage), I am saddened by Alex Moulton's death."

Name:Sang-min, SONG
Location:Republic of Korea

"Pray for the bliss of dead. "

Name:Leon Arundell

"Thank you Alex for looking beyond the limitations of the "racing" bicycle. I hope that your legacy continues."

Name:Ian Clark
Location:USA UK Australia

"A useful, efficient, and graceful bicycle, my AM7 served me well in 3 countries for 27 years... and counting. This is my tribute to Alex Moulton, a man who followed his whim and left it with his riders to enjoy."

Location:South korea

"Thank you, I really appreciate this and will never forget it"

Name:Paul Quinlan

"Thank you Alex Moulton. I appreciate your genius every time I ride. Condolences to his family and friends."


"Thanks so much for Alex Moulton, we appreciate your excellent design idear to lead and infulence our China Company (TSB), which major in Titanium Bicycle Frame"

Name:G. & W. Rosenberger

"Due to Dr. Alex Moulton`s brilliant engineering, design and perfect british craft work we enjoy/love cycling his really fantastic bicycles (AM2, AM7 > ... > 2 Double Pylons) Thank you so much! Rest in peace! "

Name:Bill Phillips

"My "64 Serial 140443 Moulton has just become an even greater treasure with the sad news of Sir Alex's passing."

Name:pierre maisonneuve
Location: france

"having had the privilege to meet you since the very beginning of your small wheels bicyclette and to have pedaled a lot in quite many countries, to learn about you departure makes me feel very sad . My condolences to the family and the staff ."


"Thank you very much on your job, Dr. Moulton. I have ridden your wonderful bikes on and off ever since..Rest in peace."

Location:Mysore, India.

"Great men do great work, he left US, but his Inventions and Design are here to live with him, My condolences to his family and friends." "

Name:Greg Dobson

"Meeting you Sir on a couple of occasions in the Highlands of Scotland was an absolute pleasure.My thoughts are with you and your family and my Moulton cycle hand signed by yourself will always be treasured. Rest in peace Sir you have left your mark."

Name:Pete Alex
Location:Hong Kong

"Such an excellent innovator and engineer who really leaves a worthwhile legacy. Rest in peace!"


"Thanks Dr. Alex Moulton, love your bike Still hard to choose one of your bike I love the Stainless Steel AM, trying to get one Hope someday I can ride one of your bike"


Name:Richard Grigsby

"Hi Alex, thanks for being a great friend. I'm so glad I got to speaking to you at your 50th Celebrations and saw your ebullience to the last! Thanks for letting me race your bikes and making many new, modified bikes for me. Thanks for loaning me Tommy Simpson's 'F' frame and letting me use it for short distance time trials on the road. Thanks for designing my AM20 Super Speed which I will cherish! Thanks for letting me pilot your pedal-powered boats and observe that you were actually a better canoeist than cyclist. Thanks for recounting to me your cycle-industry history and up-dating it every time we met with intervening news. That record kept growing and growing! Thanks for always showing genuine interest in my family and being a brilliant listener. Thanks also for taking my family for a very memorable picnic trip up the river in your launch. Thanks for giving me lots of opportunities to prove to the blinkered racing fraternity that the Moulton is at least as fast as anything else out there. Thanks also for helping me rage against authority using your dogged engineering to blow their minds! Most of all, thanks for making me feel privileged to have known you and for introducing me to Shaun. Rest in peace - and mine's a brandy and American... Or is it a Canadian?"

Name:John Casey

"What an innovator and designer, and what a legacy... Thank you Dr Moulton"

Name:Rob Coltman

"Several years ago we were at the Gaydon Mini Festival with our Mini club. It was a lovely sunny day and we were relaxing at our club stand when a gentleman strolled by and started chatting. After a few moments I realised this was the great Dr. Moulton himself. We had a wonderful conversation about Minis in general and the old days. It was clear he was a true engineer with a genuine interest in what he was talking about. We felt really privileged to have chatted to him for a few minutes before he went and talked to other Mini owners. It is not often you get the chance to talk to someone who comes over as a great man on his own merit in just a few moments, let alone the inventions which affected us all who love the Mini. It was sad to hear he had left us. "


"I recall a day when he was giving design training to a team of our engineers. Very keen to impress they all of them got out their laptops ready to start; only to be told "forget your computers, all you need is a pencil and paper" A very gifted engineer and a sad loss!"

Name:Laurence Apicella

""A world class Innovator & a gentleman." "

Name:Douglas Carlisle

"My uncle met and was befriended by Dr. Moulton during WWll. He spoke very highly of him in a letter written home. I would like to send a copy of the note."

Location:South Korea

"깊은 애도를 표합니다."

Name:John Davis Carroll

"Dr. Moulton and family, thank you for creating a thing of beauty that will never be vernacular. The Moulton bicycle will be forever ahead of the times. What a great gift."


"ride on of Dr Moultons bikes with great pleasure. what a great person he was"

Name:Hiro Shiotsuki

"I appreciate you provide excellent design bikes. They are a me and my families treasure forever... Good bye Dr.Alex Moulton,"

Name:Vic Sievey & Karen casswell

"Thanks, Alex, for 25 years riding pleasure. We will miss you. RIP"


"Farewell Dr Alex Moulton. Your bikes were the greatest I've ever ridden. Thank you for committing your energy and skills into creating something so many of us could enjoy. "

Location:United Kingdom

"Dr. Alex Moulton: You have always been an inspiration to me. Your engineering skills and your innovation mark you out as one of the most outstanding vehicle designers of the twentieth century. Rest In Peace."


"I am privileged to own a 1968 Moulton Mk 111 , although I freely admit to having extensively modified same. The one single comment of anyone who ever rode it was " How can I live another moment without owning one of these!" Mine is one of roughly 1000 units produced by Raleigh before the production was changed to the unsuccessful RSW 16 and then later the abomination called the Raleigh Chopper. It was with delight that I heard that Alex had once again started producing bikes again after his agreement with Raleigh Industries had run out. Small wheel/suspended bikes rule. The world is indeed a smaller place without this visionary designer/engineer who richly deserved his knighthood. Bravo Alex."

Name:Phil McCafferty

"Someone who took their ideas and made them actually happen. Alex Moulton's legacy is both his engineering achievements and his 'think-design-make' approach which is a lesson to all. A Moulton bicycle brings a smile to my face and a reminder of the man's great achievements in a marvellously long, active and healthy life. Never forgotten and amazing how many people have mentioned his name recently. Take care of the legacy, Shaun."




"Thanks for providing me and my college course mates with one of the best days out we have ever had whilst being hosted at your place. You are an inspiration beyond just being a great engineer."

Name:Andreas Stamatiou
Location:UK and Greece

"Every time I ride one, I admire it. Every time I look at one, I marvel at it (I have one hanging in my dining room next to a photo of Dr Alex). Since 1989, I have owned 8 and currently we have 5 in our family. I have spent countless memorable hours re-configuring and looking after them. Their engineering detail that justifiably made history separates the outstanding from the good. Cheers!"

Name:Kashif Imran

"He is a a true mentor and a "Beacon" for creative people. God Bless him !"

Name:norman saxby
Location:uk Horsham

"I obtained a super 4 model being thrown out by a charity shop which my grandaughter now rides with pleasure. I also have two very poorly standard models which rusted away in a rear garden for over 20yrs. They were unfortunately made at Kirkby! I hope two build one bike from them.I am struggling. When I am eventually able to ride it I shall be very proud to be reminding people of a great bike invented by a great bloke..What a legacy to the world of cycling!!"

Name:Erin Bogdan

"I was honored to spend time with Alex Moulton in the 1980's and 1990's - before, during and after the RAAM that Dave competed in. He was an amazing man and the gifts, time and knowledge he shared with me will always be cherished. Although life lead me in directions I did not expect and I loss touch with Alex, I will always remember him fondly as he has a permanent place in my heart."

Name:Neil Gutteridge

"If I did not have my Moulton I would not be riding.....i could not go back to a traditional cycle.Sir Alex created something really special.Thank you and God bless."


"Thanks a lot. I think everyone does the things in life he likes best. We do it on"

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"To Shaun and all the Moulton family. I feel privileged to have met Dr Alex Moulton. He was a true pioneer within the world of travel. His expertise, creativity and endless enthusiasm was truely inspirational. A sad loss to all his family and those who met him."

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"Dr. Moulton was a modern Leonardo Da Vinci of design, especially of bicycles and deserves wider aclaim. "

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"I meet Alex several times at bicycle events and two Moulton Rides in USA. I own several Moultons and during my time at Magic Motorcycle made a custom set of our "Magic Cranks" which we made to Alex's specifications and gave to him for his personal bike. I'm currently designing my folding bike and wish I could have finished it in time to get Alex's opinion of it. He very much enjoyed the cranks we gave him and several times expressed his appreciation. I felt it was the least I could do given how much I've enjoyed my Moultons over the years."


"Never met Dr. Moulton but the joy and smiles on the face of every single Moulton owner I ever met confirms his special place in our cycling history. And the crank goes round again..."

Name:Iain Wood

"Thank you for the endless hours of pleasures your various machines that I have owned have given me. I'll bet by now that there is more than one person riding around Heaven on an "F" frame or an AM....!!!!!!"

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"His efforts produced the best bicycles in the world.I have ridden one since 1984 and am about to buy another. His personal qualities are also remarkable, being mostly humble and quiet, letting his creations speak for themselves. "


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"My expat. Brit. mom came to the U.S. in the late '50s, but I believe her Moulton bicycle was of early '60s manufacture. The whole family loved that bike. What a unique pioneer Mr. Moulton was. What an inspiration. "

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"I still remember the huge thrill when I was given a new series 1 deluxe by my parents for my birthday. That bike and sadly my parents have gone and now at 61 I have acquired a couple of old Moultons. I still get a buzz when I ride around. Thanks for those old memories Mr Moulton"

Name:Roger Grigsby

"Just yesterday, Dec 9, 2013, I was looking at my trusty old AM which has carried me to many parts of the world, and realized that it was the anniversary of Alex's passing. I signed, and said to myself, "Yes, the man's body is no longer with us, but his spirit, his gift to all of those of us who knew him and still know him via our wonderful bicycles, LIVES ON." Like many above have said, this wonderful collection of bits and pieces called the Alex Moulton Bicycle ... changed my life. I was privileged to meet Alex, and even share some Johnny Walker whiskey with him here in California. I'm so glad I had the chance to TELL him personally what his invention meant to me. Every time I mount my weathered yet trusted old AM, I can only say "Thank You, Alex". I lift my glass to toast this wonderful man, a year after he left us ... such a wonderful legacy. Cheers, Alex!"

Name:David J Wilson

"I am pleased that I was able to meet and ride on one occasion, with Dr. Alex Moulton. A year will soon by up, when we all said our Goodbye's at the Holly Trinity Church. So tonight to read all through the condolences and be reminded of so many names, of people that I know or have heard of, is very sobering. A Great Mind and inspirer. So glad that he has not stuck me down for putting a disc brake on his APB. R.I.P "

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"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Moulton about five or six years ago (or maybe more - time flies!), when walking in Bradford-on-Avon. Myself and a friend were standing at the gated entrance to the old factory buildings - then being refurbished - and looking in. From way down the bottom of a track we saw a figure cycling speedily towards us. He was wearing cycling gear and flying goggles I seem to recall. He cycled up to the gate and we thought he was going to ask what we were doing, but he just wanted a chat. Early on in the conversation my friend, an engineer, realised who this elderly gentleman might be and was thrilled to find out it was THE Dr Moulton! We chatted for a while and then went our respective ways. Even to a non-engineer, like me, I can say I feel honoured to have met him. RIP Dr Moulton."

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"I maybe one of the very few people left on this earth (aged 67) who had the honour to work for Dr Moulton. It is due to him and all the staff who taught and mentored me, I grew up the man I am today. I joined Moulton Bicyles in 1962 aged 16 and due to my youth was delegated the job of testing frames using weights and cycling around in circles in disused aircraft hangars to obtain data.My stories could fill a book! I cannot pay tribute to Dr Moulton without mentioning my immediat boss Mr Phil Uncles another brilliant engineer. R.I.P."

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